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Never Forget You - Tribute to Avonte Oqendo

Recently I had the immense privilege and honor to listen to the beautiful and heartbreaking song written in memory of Avonte Oqendo, by his uncle, Rocopera.  514 more words


Anniversary Haiku

I met my husband 14 years ago and knew immediately that he would be part of my life forever. We were best friends, then boyfriend and girlfriend, then friends again, then boyfriend and girlfriend again… (hahaha, things were a little bumpy in the beginning). 118 more words


7 Quick Takes about Interviews, Anniversaries, and Arranging Swing

Time for trading the seven things of the week with the bloggers over at ConversionDiary. Join us. :)


It’s weird to read all those posts about people going back to school these past couple of weeks. 426 more words

Prose And Poetry

15 miles and 4 years!

Week 10, Run 40

15.02 miles
3 h, 11 m, 50 s
12:46 minutes/mile

Four more years! Four more years! Today is my anniversary with David. 530 more words


Eight Years Together

We have planned a weekend getaway tomorrow. This is one of the most precious times of my life. This is the eight year anniversary of our engagement. 276 more words

Just What I Think

Children on Love + Time

40 years ago this week, these amazing children were married. Eight years and four months after this photograph was taken, they became my parents. I say they were children because Mama was just 22 and Daddy would turn 22 in November after, and when I think of myself at 22 I think what a child I was. 166 more words