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Animal Selfies!

I was perusing the internet, I came across animal selfies, and they are hilarious! If you ever have some time to kill, just type animal selfies into Google and check it out! 18 more words


Flight of Fantasy

Kia ora! On the cover of my book Dappled Annie and the Tigrish you can see the tigrish flying. You can’t? Are  you sure? Check out the word ‘Tigrish’ …. 832 more words


Turkeys Gone Wild...no, really.

Our puppies had us up early this morning, first my husband and then me a little later. The dogs and the turkeys have a love hate relationship, the dogs love to play with them and the turkeys hate them. 537 more words

Feed me

Seriously, how long to I have to wait? Food, now!



My Grandparents Had a Farm and They Didn’t Abuse Animals

Well…not my grandparents. My mother’s mom was a social worker and her father was a mechanic/truck driver. My dad’s mother was a 911 dispatcher while his father worked as a police officer. 379 more words