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NEWS: Rhinos evacuated from South Africa’s biggest game park

If you’re in South Africa and happen to see a rhino dangling from a helicopter, pump your fist: it’s being flown to safety in a new government bid to outsmart poachers. 246 more words


Prevent a Bobcat Fur Farm

Currently known to us Montana, has approved Bobcat fur farming. We are strongly against any type of fur farming, fur is meant to be on the animals not people.  105 more words


NEWS: Four-legged bodyguards to protect endangered Aussies

Seven Maremma dogs are being trained to protect Eastern Barred Bandicoots in a new Zoos Victoria program.

Since kicking off in the late 1980s, Melbourne Zoo’s successful bandicoot breeding program has released 650 of the marsupials into fenced-off areas in Hamilton, Mount Rothwell and Woodlands Historic Park. 199 more words


Who Can Take in a Chihuahua?

This article discusses the dynamics of supply and demand with Chihuahuas: there is massive overpopulation in Arizona, whereas other states have waiting lists of people eager to adopt a small dog. 92 more words

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Big News For Idaho: Wolves

According to  Earthjustice on July 29th, Idaho wildlife officials have dropped their plan to send a professional wolf hunter into the wilderness west of Lolo Pass this winter, just days before they had to defend their reasoning in federal court. 253 more words


Giraffe being transported in trailer dies after hitting head on motorway bridge #News #LoveForFauna #SouthAfrica

A giraffe being transported in a trailer has died after hitting its head on a motorway bridge.

The bizarre scene of two giraffes on the highway was captured on camera by several witnesses in Centurion, South Africa. 399 more words

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