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She wasn't in labor

And today we had a screamer.
No, she wasn’t in labor.
She had plenty of other stuff going on; renal failure, abscessed wound, sexually transmitted disease, and a non-functioning shunt. 186 more words

Letting your anger out

I am not proud of how I let my anger out, but sometimes you have just got to what you have to do, what you need to do. 32 more words

First day of school = disaster

So yesterday was my first day of school. And the day started awfully. I really don’t want to talk about those things on the internet but because I’ve started imma finish. 97 more words


So You Say You Wanna Know?

Have you ever been so  hungry that it adversely affected your mood? Your stomach rumbles and gurgles; you begin to feel weak, almost faint; there isn’t much you can do about it because a) there’s no food in the house, b) you only have $1.28 in your wallet, c) you fell down a well and can’t climb out, or d) that damn chef at that damn restaurant is taking too damn long with your damn food that you ordered 67 damn minutes ago. 508 more words



OKAY, so yesterday, eyeslipsface.com had a 40% off sale for Labour Day. Since I’m on my way to using vegan only products, I decided to jump on it, to replace a lot of my drugstore favourites that I will soon have to part with, and also to get some nice new fall colours! 381 more words



They always come back when you don’t want them.
Why’s that ?