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St. John Cassian: No matter what provokes it, anger . . .

“No matter what provokes it, anger blinds the soul’s eyes, preventing it from seeing the Sun of Righteousness.”

+ St John Cassian, On the Eight Vices

Sayings From Saints, Elders, And Fathers

Depression is it Frozen Anger?

I‘ve heard that depression can come from repressed anger, my sister calls it “FROZEN ANGER”.

While this can also be chemically induced in the body, how much of this stuff that sits in our subconscious, undealt with that we suppress and then comes out in the form of depression? 651 more words


To Cry or To Dance?

My little boy started school last week and he was so excited. We both managed to get through the first morning without crying as I walked him to his class. 309 more words

Life With Children

I reject inTouch Magazine

I pass by this magazine cover every day while standing in line for coffee. No one forces me to look at it but still it’s there. 453 more words

Texting is the new letter writing

 Every time I get a text message I jump the second my phone begins to emit an auditory response.  Is it him?, I wonder.  But when I realize it isn’t the specially picked text tone that I chose for you, I instantly become disappointed.   139 more words

I do have but just me.....

I cannot see, I cannot think. I have allowed my world to collapse upon me, my thoughts no longer free to flow from within me. I surround myself with doubts and shame, for I cannot change the world around me. 617 more words