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I Quit Sugar...Sort Of

 I find people that talk about their latest fad diet to be incredibly dull. I don’t want to know if you are suddenly Paleo, or half-heartedly partaking in “a version of” Atkins – just eat your restrictive meal plans and talk to me about something that piques my interest a little more. 1,073 more words


By Hook or By Crook - trains vs buses

I’ve never really commuted before. Not by train anyway. It’s as annonymous as communting should be. Especially when I am only on for 4 minutes and then a quick change before being on for 6 minutes. 811 more words


deceiving masculinity \ & some random fucked up thoughts

From The Daily Mail — 

“According to a study by French researchers in Brittany, men who carry guitars are seen as more attractive than sporty-looking men. 950 more words


Early Morning Anecdote

A recollection of when I woke up in the middle of the night with random words yet to be organized and a laptop with full battery: 1,118 more words


Things I Realized While My Phone Was Broken

So on Wednesday night as I was cuddling and watching The Good Wife, I was attempting to text my friend to tell her that Magic Mike was really quite excellent (note for anyone who’s curious – Magic Mike was really quite excellent) and every time I tried to go into her texting thread the screen went weird and started getting brighter and brighter…. 887 more words


It's The Great Summer Pumpkin , Charlie Brown

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that The Easter Bunny would soon be there.

Wait-wait that’s not it. I’m just so confused by the strong-armed seasonal push of retailers that I’m having a… 268 more words

The People Of Walgreens (The Horror)

So…recently, my local Walgreens shut down for a few weeks for some remodeling and apparently some re-branding.

After the doors reopened D and I popped in-not because we gave two flips about the free chip clips and mini flashlights (I only swiped like a handful-I’m an American dammit and hoarding free crap is part of my shameful legacy) but because we wanted to snag a few bottles of water. 273 more words