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Anatomy Adventure: Chapter 1

Anatomy Adventure

Chapter 1

In a far away land there is a planet called Bodymo Organismo. The planet is small, but the population is large. It is broken up into two main sides; the dorsal and the ventral hemisphere. 3,437 more words


Look Before You Leap

We all know Frogs are masters at jumping, but did you know that some species still struggle to land both smoothly and gracefully?

Naively, I assumed that all frogs jump in a similar manner. 463 more words


Why you have to give it your all on the way to the start line.

During my first couple years of dragon boating I messed up. I would do the dry land warm up with the team and then hang around in marshalling until it was our time to go down to the boats. 770 more words


Feminist artistic underwear gives a biology lesson in women’s internal anatomy

The 18-year-old art student from north-east England is on a mission to make women stand up and take notice of their own bodies and came up with her anatomically correct undies for her project Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy?.

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Laryngeal Cartilages

  • Thyroid
    • Largest of the laryngeal cartilages (forms Adam’s apple).  The lateral lamina incompletely fuse together during development to form a V-shaped structure, forming the thyroid notch centrally and the superior and inferior horns laterally.
  • 491 more words


mon: no school

tues: 6,7 coloring; mitosis notes

wed: organelle note quiz; epithelial tissue notes

thur: organelle diagram quiz p.6;

fri: mitosis note quiz;

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