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Dutch Parliament and Pandora's Box

On the borders of the EU the cannons are barking, and it are mostly civilians and their properties that are hit, in the Ukraine, Syria & Iraq, Israel & Gaza, and Libya. 793 more words

Anatomy Of Holland

Hueting on the piano and on eSNI

Blackboards have mostly been removed from classrooms but they are still used in caf├ęs and on terrasses.

Roefie Hueting (1929) is performing this Summer with also his own repertoire of jazz on the piano, on Friday evenings at… 1,505 more words

Anatomy Of Holland

Three cheers for Holland

I received a sobering email today about the UK “supposed serial killer nurse” Ben Geen, of which a description is given in this weblog page… 576 more words

Anatomy Of Holland

Integrity of science in Dutch research in didactics of mathematics

I am sorry to report that Holland also fails on the integrity of science in the research on the didactics & education of mathematics. This is my letter… 1,381 more words

Anatomy Of Holland

Freudenthal's "realistic mathematics education" appears to be a fraud

Sitting on the bench in the park where he died, I hope that Hans Freudenthal whispered: “Forgive me, Pierre, for what I have done to you.” 3,058 more words

Anatomy Of Holland