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This One's Gonna Make You Mad

It’s no big secret. I’m not exactly the most orthodox Christian around.

  • Anti-Capitalist
  • Pro Gun Control
  • Pro Healthcare Reform
  • Anti-Government
  • Pacifist
  • Anti-Soldier Worship

Basically anything that the statists that call themselves the… 618 more words


International Anarchy is an Inexact Indicator in Accessing Causes of War

Over the past few weeks I have taken to the study of causes of war. To this end I am currently reviewing a book by Levy and Thompson (2010) titled Causes of War. 421 more words

International Security

A Mightier Penn (36)

Please note: This is not a standalone blog entry or short story, as such, I’d recommend beginning at the beginning: A Mightier Penn (1)

CHAPTER TEN… 1,895 more words

A Mightier Penn

Fuck the Police

Fuck the Police.

Who are the Police?
Where are the Police?
Why must they Police?

These, my dear Compadres are burning questions that bite you… 550 more words

My Soap Box Dialogue To Society

Anarchist Within.


Let’s break free. Let’s burn this building down. And that one. Let’s bring down the state, entity which kept us bound to rules, and normality for ages. 276 more words


"Anarchy" in the (not-so-wild) Wild West

Terry L. Anderson and P.J. Hill debunking myths about the Wild West (channeling Frank Prassel):

To show that the West was more “lawless” than our present day society tells one very little unless some measure of the “demand for law and order” is available.

275 more words

Scientists warn rising food prices, and ensuing pandemic hunger, will create mass riots and anarchy

By Josey Wales, Before It’s News

By using plain and simple math, along with data charts, scientists at the New England Complex Systems Institute have come to a clear-cut conclusion that when food prices rise, as much as they are in the US, then people start rioting. 544 more words

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