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Hello Intro to Soc students!


Welcome to our class and our class website. Be sure to check in her regularly–in fact, subscribe so you never miss a post. 156 more words


Does Obama Care?

I’m digressing today. I actually do not like politics, but politics came knocking on my door today, or perhaps a better description would be that it came slamming the door in my face. 449 more words


America's Race Relations

America is again faced with looking inward to see what has brought about the 21st century’s most recent racial upheaval. Some say the images coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, resemble those of the 1950’s and 1960’s. 1,020 more words

Gun Sales

Why Bob Lefsetz Hates What He Does About America

Music blogmeister Bob Lefsetz has rarely been short of opinions, distributed in daily bursts on everything from what’s wrong with the music business to which Elton John album is most essential. 424 more words

'East of Eden' by John Steinbeck

My “Read all Nobel Prize in Literature” project brought me to end of eighteen – beginning of nineteen century America. It’s been a long-long time since I did not want to put a book aside. 427 more words


America Is Becoming A Police State

The recent killings of unarmed African American men in several states has raised the eyebrows of many Americans wondering what is happening in police departments across the nation. 380 more words

American Society

America the Paradox

I truly believe that America is a great place. I’ve lived overseas for much of the last twenty years, but when I go back home to visit, I’m always reminded of just how amazing America is. 408 more words

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