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Saddle Up! And Don’t Forget Your Hat.

Until recently, I never myself owned a cowboy hat. Then I met Jimmy Harrison.

I have envied many cowboy hats in my life. John Wayne’s, for instance, which is iconically famous, a big hat for a big man, its very wide brim reminding me of a ship’s wake making its way across a troubled sea. 1,446 more words

The Bling Ring (Sofia Coppola, 2013)

The Bling Ring (dir. Sofia Coppola, 2013) – Quick, flashy, blingy, the counterpoint to Somewhere (in terms of editing). Sofia is still very interested in celebrity culture and young women/girls. 122 more words


Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Directed By: James Gunn

Written By: James Gunn and Nicole Perlman


imdb 8.7

rotten tomatoes 92%

i give it 8.1

American Film

The Boondock Saints (USA, 1999)

Directed by: Troy Duffy. So I know this is heresy and an affront to the status of this “cult classic”, (and to my friends who revel in this film’s cult status), and I think that even if I was really in the right mood to suspend all of my judgement and hop aboard this Irish-American train of bewildering and unnecessary reveling in bro-violence under the strange veil of a celebration of Irish culture, Catholic mysticism, and rugged, chainsmoking, tattooed masculine violence. 475 more words

Magic Mike

Magic Mike was perhaps one of the strangest films to come out in 2012. Marketed primarily at women, with its glistening hard bodied cast, big pecs, big packages, thrusting its way through the ad breaks of day time tv, it also garnered the interest of many well established and quite esteemed film critics, for many different reasons, mainly positive, which I will look at later. 903 more words


"The Searchers": An American Masterpiece

A door opens. A silhouette appears on the screen. A woman comes out of the darkness and into the blistering Texas heat. Out of the sand-choked desert comes a man mounted on a horse. 2,367 more words


Ben-Hur (USA, 1959)

Directed by: William Wyler. This was another big check mark on my list of “classic Hollywood that I’ve got to see if I want to keep any of my film snob cred.” But seriously, I was just really curious to see what all the fuss was about: the Great Chariot Race Sequence is supposed to be among the greatest action sequences in cinematic history. 446 more words