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Luis Martinetti

AKA: “Luis Martinetti, Contortionist”

For this post once again I am returning to an early Edison Kinetoscope shot in the Black Maria studio. Luis Martinetti, as will be very obvious, was a… 198 more words


Only Hipster Left Alive

Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive mourns the demise of a beautiful scene—a cultured hipster vampire scene that has lasted for hundreds of years. Now mortals—or zombies, as the… 388 more words


Dear Mr. Christopher Guest,

I recently embarked on a mini-marathon of your work as part of a service to a fellow movie lover who had too little exposure to your work. 885 more words

Robetta and Doretto (1894)

AKA: “Chinese Laundry Scene,” “Robetta and Doretto #2.”

When speaking of “firsts,” it’s always important to be aware that nothing, or at least nothing artistic, springs fully-formed from the void. 214 more words


Obvious Child (Gillian Robespierre, USA, 2014)

It’s perhaps the effect of the ‘new sincerity’ – its evident conclusion. And that is to be up front about the life selfish – and to feel okay about it. 1,806 more words

Film Reviews

Pretty Poison

I only heard about Pretty Poison (1968) from the NYTimes obituary for the director, Noel Black.  He spoke of it after it flopped and was pulled from the theatres, saying: 408 more words

Sandow (1894)

This early Edison kinetoscope was part of the first commercial exhibition of motion pictures, and represents the efforts of the studio to appeal to audiences, along with… 191 more words