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The Giver: Love and Ambiguity

Imagine a world where all choices are made for you, where parents need not decide their child’s name, where a young adult need not choose her profession. 875 more words

28. Moving On (?)

Sifting through the scattered thoughts
comprising of your past,
searching, seeking restlessly,
but looking for what?
A poem here, a letter there,
a longing to reclaim… 107 more words


27. Closure

Can you loath a soul, and love her?
Or sneer the darkened depths
where distraught, anger, murky fear
stirs and swept
the surface on a tide… 165 more words


Creative mess

Some researchers and psychologists study creativity like a kind of pathology, researching causes of creativity, methods to diagnosis it, and determining best practices. Others look at the creative person and delve into a personality that is often contradictory because a strongest drive in creative people is to not be like other people, even other creative people. 305 more words


Writing Advice From Anton Chekhov: Part Three - Ambiguity

Anton Chekhov is held up as the paragon of Minimalism. To me Minimalism is another way of describing good writing. In fact, I once heard Minimalism called Essentialism. 1,024 more words

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25. Facebook

No, I couldn’t like that picture —

Sure, there’s happiness in me
seeing happiness in you,
his arms telling all the world
you’re his beloved now, 93 more words