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Celebrity phone hacking: How to protect your photos

(KTVI)- How did hackers obtain celebrity nude photos from iPhone’s?  Apple wants to believe individual accounts were hacked rather than the iCloud system.

Night Lion Cyber Security expert Vinny Troia tells us how to protect ourselves. 32 more words

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America's Next Top Model Vitiligo contestant

(KTVI)- On this season of America’s Next Top Model, there is a contest that is setting a new standard for beauty. Her name is Chantelle Brown-Young. 60 more words

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Fall planting with Shelby Bunge

(KTVI)- It’s time to rip out or other wise switch your summer plants to fall ones. Shelby Bunge, from The Brickman Group, stops by to give us tips on how to transition. 63 more words

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Youngest artist to exhibit, sell at St. Louis Art Fair

(KTVI)-One local artist will receive a tremendous experience this weekend. His artwork will be shown and sold at the annual St. Louis Art Festival.

But get this, he’s still in high school! 84 more words

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"Selfie" etiquette with Melenie Broyles

(KTVI)-  Selfies have become a part of our culture. Selfie was even the word of the year recently! But there are some rules to follow when snapping that pic. 271 more words

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Dan Steadman talks 'Belleville' the movie

(KTVI)- ‘Belleville’ the movie premiered in spring of this year, and the film is still going strong here in the area. It’s the story of a  reclusive metro east  farmer who was depressed since the death of his wife. 87 more words

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Anti-bullying pep rally at Busch Stadium Monday

(KTVI)- With kids back in school, now is the perfect time to talk about bullying. If you don’t know how to start the conversation, there’s an event today at Busch Stadium to help bring awareness. 91 more words

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