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Vintage icecream the second

It’s getting to that time in semester when dressing is difficult for me. There are two reasons for this : 1) I haven’t been sewing, therefore outfit repeats are inevitable and 2) I’m rather tired, which makes assembling an outfit difficult. 125 more words


Icecream from the past.

I’we come to realise in the past few days that most of the clothes I have purchased this year have come from shop 55 https://shop55.com.au/ 85 more words


Roses are wet, violets are wet. I am wet, everything is wet.

The title of this post perfectly describes my Thursday.

When I left my house Thursday morning it was raining a little bit, so I decided to bring my umbrella. 193 more words


Let's have a real talk about the weather...

I am so sick of the weather at the moment. Basically I had this awesome outfit planned out because the weather was yucky and cold the night before. 67 more words


Space Cadet

So, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been incredibly busy. This busy period is making me feel a bit grumpy. What better way to get over grumpyness than by wearing moon boots and dressing like a space Cadet? 79 more words


Pinocchio and Squirrels

On Sunday my boyfriend and I managed to find some time to go for a walk along the local cycle path. While we were on our little adventure, I decided to turn him into a camera fairy. 31 more words


Dreamy Dresses

Lady Petrova’s webstore is a dangerous place for my wallet.

Basically there was this dress which I loved. Then it went on sale. Then it got marked down further, and the once more. 81 more words