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Interview with Greg Pinney of An Honest Year and check out their new video

An Honest Year recently released their music video for Everything Man. This song really is catchy and has a blend of alternative and pop punk. It is a great new track and has a fun and flirty vibe to it, which is also highlighted in their new video. 1,036 more words


Dating & Success In The Really Real World

“I don’t want to dine alone; I don’t want to die an old maid.”

-Derringer, The Sessile Coast, 2008

Aw, hel, I’ll just come on out with it: I can’t attract woman; girls doughnut like me; I cannot elate, nor I am I relatable to the opposing sex — the foeman girl sex; I am all thumbs, and when I speak to flammable gurls, I get like, marbles in my mouth; I am not comfortable in my human body, and I feel like I’m from another planet; and lastly, I’m not cool, nor good-looking or astrictive to the opposite sex — the famel gurl sex. 1,401 more words


Lucius- Live at Lollapalooza 8/1/14

I had to write a blog post for a music criticism class that I am taking right now, and I thought I’d put in on here just for kicks and giggles. 713 more words


New Music: An Honest Year – ‘Everything Man’ Music Video

An Honest Year have quickly become one of my new favourite bands and their latest single just keeps me liking them even more. If you read my Discover piece on the band one of the aspects I appreciated about the group most is that the lyrics were really well written and they were the first thing to catch my attention with each song.  203 more words


The hearts are beating out of time, all this pain is in my mind... Song 244

It’s a new month, which means a new album… this train keeps rolling along. We’re up to 244 songs now. A lot of rock to be had in today’s song. 169 more words

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