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The Traveling Bug.

There is nothing worse than wanting to do something with all of your might, but not being able to do it right this very second.  126 more words

Notion of motion

“You can’t expect flow when you are standing still” 

- From a late night walk with soulmate


These past couple of months my flow has been close to zero.

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Is Being Single That Sad?

Are we really satisfied being single? Do I really have to be in a relationship even if I don’t really like the person that much just to let other people know that I am not alone and sad? 585 more words

Heart Bits

Where You Begin And I End

I remember, in the VERY blurry manner with which my rememberer works, one of the occasions when I was introduced to a new class, in a new school after my parents had moved house again. 732 more words

David's Posts

caught all alone

where is the emotion

and what is the finding

and how it seems

and where it screamed

and how it was the making

and what it sought onward… 44 more words


Diary Entry 21: When Will I Stop?

No, I do not doubt that you love me.

After a long hard examination of the equation,I found that

I am no mathematician; there are no numbers involved… 214 more words


Fairfield Park

Vivacious hair and jaunty lips
expressing love for all — desire.
Cheerful, looking gentle wind
you walk way —
world, tumble ends.