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caught all alone

where is the emotion

and what is the finding

and how it seems

and where it screamed

and how it was the making

and what it sought onward… 44 more words


Diary Entry 21: When Will I Stop?

No, I do not doubt that you love me.

After a long hard examination of the equation,I found that

I am no mathematician; there are no numbers involved… 214 more words


Fairfield Park

Vivacious hair and jaunty lips
expressing love for all — desire.
Cheerful, looking gentle wind
you walk way —
world, tumble ends.


Is it okay to be alone?

Lately I’ve been sort of disillusioned with the idea of falling in love. I used to want it–a smart, kind and gentle boyfriend turned husband, turned father of our gaggle of babies.  228 more words


I recently attend this quilt memorial for rape/sexual abuse surveyors and their theme of the whole tour was “You’re not alone”. They spelt it out on the side of Federal Hill, Baltimore, had little lavender filled stress pillows with “not alone” written on it. 165 more words


I hate it here

I have cried every day since I got back. I feel so alone and hopeless, like I’m being swallowed by sadness and defeat.

My friends from home have been calling & texting regularly, it cheers me every time. 25 more words


Feeling alone.. ironically

Everything is going my way right now. Everything. I’ve got my escort career started, I have sugar daddies, I have a business, I have my freedom, I have more time for my daughter, more time for the gym… 132 more words