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pearl of the river

in my palm
the riverstone tells me:
"i have been worn down
from the heart of a mountain,
slept long and cold during the ice ages
held my breath under millenium oceans
and out from the heart of mother earth
i was born
now i lay here in the pristine creek
washing over with water so clear
you could see me during the day --
at night,
confuse me for the moon's reflection. 47 more words

who i am by isaac joel louie

an earth dragon
born of the thunder clan
chinese-canadian settler
 third generation
 islander at heart.
i live for the wind
 the rain
 fires. 28 more words

Heat Wave


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Poised Underdog, a poem

by Joseph Avers ~

We did not expect this. Being braver than wise
and wearing the arrogance of youth’s season
we took the qualification quite unquestioningly… 257 more words