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2014 Blog 239: Foolishly Full

After dinner, I contemplated between an hour of bike vs an hour at chop. Chop is a restaurant not too far from my house. They make something I really want. 85 more words

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2014 Blog 238: A Book from 1955

The other day I was invited to a thrift store by Thorr, who had a mission to find some camping treasure items. I went, a little bored, just cruising aimlessly, aisle to aisle.   212 more words

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2014 Blog 237: How funny it is?

I just had this tweak of memory of my laughing moments. It is making me smile right now.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you got tears in your eyes?   261 more words

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2014 Blog 236: Loved Where We Were

Aug 24, 2014

It was totally hard to leave the campsite today. We talked about how the group site C ended up so lovable, regardless of no water source and no power source. 151 more words

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2014 Blog 235: Starry, Starry Night

Aug 23, 2014

Imagine this… lake, sunset, then bonfire, and then dark sky.

I am now looking at an amazingly dark sky. As the night have become deeper now, I feel the stars are going to drop on me. 138 more words

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2014 Blog 234: C for Carson

Aug 22, 2014

About 50 people arrived tonight at a Carson Campground Group Site. We had a reservation to the only group site that was available on this date we picked. 123 more words

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2014 Blog 233: Camping List

So we are heading out for one more camping trip. Me and Thorr just finished preparing what we need. It is a bit farther drive so we better make sure we bring what we need. 166 more words

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