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Mad Science and Love Meets Pop Culture: Steins;Gate

Time travel! That sweet nectar of science fiction that never dries up because it’s paradoxically its own creator, caught in a stable time loop thanks to the… 856 more words

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Simulated Sorrows Ahead: Depression Quest

By now, a lot of people have heard about this indie video game known as Depression Quest. Many more people have no doubt heard of it in the context of its developer Zoe Quinn and her role in a social media mayhem involving Reddit users and adultery accusations. 483 more words

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Season Finale: The Legend of Korra: Book Three: Change

Last Friday was the season finale for Book Three of The Legend of Korra. By most accounts, this season was a clear improvement after the last season in terms of both action and character development—and I heartily agree. 607 more words

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My First Experience with Garry's Mod

So, thanks to this year’s Steam Summer Sale, I’ve been able to better manage my budget and time for playing video games. Thus far, it’s included such purchases as  567 more words

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Mourning in Manhattan with Pixelated Putzes: The Shivah

It’s not every day that I get to play a rabbi wandering the streets of Manhattan, trying to solve a murder mystery, but who am I to judge? 593 more words

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Why You Need to Go See The Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Last weekend, I experienced something transcendent. Something that comic book fans, sci-fi geeks, and popcorn movie enthusiasts could only dream about before.

As both an installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and as a film in its own right,  479 more words

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The Big Idea: Arianne 'Tex' Thompson

When you introduce magic into a real-world setting, you don’t only have to deal with the problems that magic introduces — you have to deal with the problems that already existed in that real world setting. 855 more words

Big Idea

Alex Willging reblogged this on Mr. Rhapsodist and commented:

While I enjoy John Scalzi as an author (thank you, Redshirts), I'm a pretty big fan of his blog, Whatever. In particular, I've always enjoyed reading his Big Idea posts, where fellow authors get a little space to put in their own words the inspiration behind their latest novels or other creative projects. More often than not, these kind of posts have been a big help for guys like me looking for something new and interesting to read. That's why I wanted to share with you all this great Big Idea by Arianne "Tex" Thompson, whose concept for her debut novel rocked my world this morning. It's a story that addresses both the issues of introducing magic to the real world and also dealing with historical real-world issues (i.e., racism, class struggles, industrialization, colonialism). I wanted to share her enthusiasm and her keen look into a 19th century world where magic and modernity intersect violently. So please give her Big Idea a moment of your time and then give her story a chance, too. I know I will!