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Happy Wife, Happy Life.

My hubby has been amazing through this whole rollercoaster of emotion and depression. He has been a pillar of strength for me.

“Practice these principles in all our affairs” is something I most definitely have… 479 more words

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But Weight, There's More...

I had to go to my primary care doc because I pulled a muscle in my back and touched off a bad spasm. None too happy about being in the doc’s office to begin with and then I have to stand on the scale. 564 more words

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Well, Dog-gone It!

This is my fur-kid, Joe. He is 3 quarters Black Lab and 1 quarter German Shepherd and just turned 2 years old 2 weeks ago. If you know anything about dogs then you’ll know he is still quite exuberant and full of “puppy”. 871 more words

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Taking Out the Garbage

I have a very heightened sense of smell. I’ve been told that I could smell a flea fart 100 miles upwind. (that was not a compliment) Point being, the garbage MUST be taken out at the end of the day or I am a big “grumpasaurous” in the morning when I walk down the hall and smell the stinky garbage. 262 more words

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Some Thoughts For Newcomers

Some don’t realize it consciously, but all of us addicts have one thing in common, a feeling, deep down inside, that we want to be different people from who we are. 558 more words


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Highly readable post from recovering alcoholic, addict and codependent Bill at What...Me Sober? on being a newbie at AA and why -- like everything else in life -- we get out of it what we put into it.

Because that’s what recovery is about. It’s about clearing up the mess of our past, both internally and externally, and becoming convinced that we really aren't that piece of shit that we've always believed we were, way deep down inside.

Read on, McDuff:

Sobriety Doesn't Define Me. Right?

I realize that this blog is about me getting sober and a documentation of the triumphs and trials of that process, however, I don’t want to be defined just as that one (smoking hot, smart, funny) sober lesbian. 925 more words


Silent but Deadly

No, I am not talking about farts, although my dog Joe most definitely lets some righteous SBD’s go that almost require gas masks. He is so stinky that he “shares his air” and then gets up from wherever he is lounging and goes to a clean air zone. 556 more words

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