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September 1st 12:10PM

Just text Amy.

Me: Dirty bitch. >.>


September 1st 12PM

Think that should clean Amy’s room too.



神級既Martini 一定係出自阿 Man手,喱個真係我飲過最好飲既Martini。 入口順滑,清如水(hard sell到核爆 )。好啦,喱個係我飲過最好飲既Martini。  38 more words


I'm the Earth in my Own Life

It’s is pretty common in AA to hear that newcomers should make a list of all the things they want out of their first year. The bearers of this advice often follow it by adding that whatever is on said list will surely be gotten and surpassed. 805 more words


Day 9

連住返左幾日之後…打兩份工真係有D虛脫 ….   今晚有老細book左房 (private 使用only),佢叫我九點鐘 去set房 ..差D唔記得 ….確實個人好呆濟 ….

今日都有多個資深Parttime 返工。 但基於種種原因,今日都係保持安靜… 同埋扮傻 …Man同Rita都知我扮傻既功力深厚。 扮on9 跟本就係冇得輸。  77 more words


Functional Dysfunction

I’m sitting at a dinner table, listening to my aunt describe how smoking pot now is “freaking her out because the rituals remind her of when she used to do crystal (meth) with my mom.” “You probably were old enough to remember that,” she says, as she mimics in front of me the exact process of using a rszor blade to cut up and separate the drug. 357 more words