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The Climate-Alarmism Centerfolds…Scientists Muster Most Frightened Looks For The Camera…”Emotional Manipulation”

Source: NoTricksZone, by P Gosselin on 26. August 2014

The general public is realizing that the climate data are showing nothing to be alarmed about. 344 more words


Soccer Moms want to outlaw heading - in California of course!

If these soccer Moms get their way, the number of headers per game will be restricted – say 5 per player per game? A goal scored by a 6th header would then have to be disallowed and the player sent off (substitution allowed). 284 more words


Hey U.N. - show us your tipping points!

Pathetic handwaving double down from the UN

Eric Worrall writes: A number of MSM outlets are carrying news of a “leaked” UN document, which claims that global warming may be causing irreversible damage. 208 more words

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How much of global warming is due to data corruption?

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is scrabbling trying to defend why the intentional corruption of data is justified. Dr. Jennifer Marohasy has a new post… 189 more words


US Major Hurricane Strikes Peaked In The 1950s - Now At An All-Time Record Low

In the 1950’s the US averaged about one major hurricane strike per year. Now we average zero per year.

HURDAT Re-analysis Chronological List of All Hurricanes

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Looks like another example of the Al Gore effect...

Newest scam: donate money to help alleviate the fears of 'scared scientists'

Wow, this is just nuts. I mean really, really, “Trenberth’s missing heat is going to jump out of the ocean and get you” kind of nuts. 2,045 more words

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Heat is on over weather bureau ‘homogenising temperature records’

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It really needs little comment, except perhaps that the magnitude of  “homogenisation” or “adjustments”, or “corrections” as applied to the temperature record makes up most of the “global warming” that is claimed. 475 more words