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Leaky AC First Aid before Calling for AC Repair in Bossier City, LA

Companies like Accutemp Cooling and Heating that offer reliable AC repair in Bossier City, LA regularly deal with leaking air conditioners—and they’re not alone, as leaky ACs are pretty much common issues that virtually every company in the industry deals with. 91 more words

(Not) Making Progress on Foreign Aid

Nancy Qian has an excellent review paper on foreign aid called Making Progress on Foreign Aid.*  There are a lot of interesting findings in this paper, and it’s definitely worth reading in its entirety, although I disagree a bit with the optimism of the title. 217 more words

Love the Poor, Part 4: Cool it on the Handouts

Part 4 of a series on Loving the Poor. These are lessons I have learned that I want to pass along and submit for your consideration and feedback.

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Here's How Fiction Can Make a Difference in People's Lives

My last post is long-winded and deals with a subject that seems kind of trivial, when I think about it. This group or that “demographic” (what a dehumanizing word that is) feels underrepresented in fictional stories, and rather than writing tales to their own liking, the warriors of social justice shame authors and assassinate their character, basically saying fiction is empty unless you meet a politically correct quota. 261 more words


Who gives? And do we put our money where our mouthes are?

What traits are associated with more donations to NGOs? Do wealthy areas have more donors? Does education play a role? What about political leanings? Perhaps voting for the left is associated with a preference for giving to NGOs born of a desire for redistribution? 77 more words


Updates... Insomnia is Awful

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

I think it’s about time I update you on my life. Noticed how much I haven’t blogged lately? My body has been pulling stunts and pounding me into the ground, so frankly, I hardly have had the energy for  292 more words



At Takajjunge village in Nnama Sub County on the outskirt of Mukono Central Division in Mukono District there, the sixteen family members is submerged into the vicious cycle of poverty. 784 more words