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Things are going very well.


A few months ago, I was completely lost. My anxiety had crossed the barriers of my small comfort zone, which meant I had uncontrollable panic attacks even just sitting my room. 274 more words


Ellen Stockdale Wolfe: Confessions of an Agoraphobic

I will do almost anything to stay at home. Granted I have a few chronic illnesses that keep me in but it is mental illness that is the real challenge. 552 more words


Today Is Good News!

But, tomorrow will be strange news, I will save that one. Today though I left my house again to see my friend, another trip out into the evil world to hide in a dark corner of a bar/ snooker club, but to get to it I have to go on an adventure through the high street of my town centre and it’s summer holidays… I am Frodo, the bar is Mordor and the trip is perilous. 447 more words

Mental Health

My Cage

Locked in a prison with no file,
An agoraphobic exile
Misplaced in a world that’s a stage.
I rattle the bars of my cage.

A leper locked away alone, 44 more words


Ardency and Agoraphobia

I have written rather extensively about my struggles with depression and anxiety and the trials and tribulations of therapy and medications, but I have never really talked very much about being agoraphobic. 418 more words