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First Steps

I don’t know if many of you have spotted that my challenge to myself this year isn’t competition related, instead I set myself up to at least start to beat my agoraphobia and finally last week I have started to do something about it instead of just thinking about doing something about it. 618 more words


Refreshed and Refurbished

Hey Y’all!

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter and haven’t had a clue where I’ve been (apologies for that) I’ve been completing my mission! 312 more words



turtle shell



Things are going very well.


A few months ago, I was completely lost. My anxiety had crossed the barriers of my small comfort zone, which meant I had uncontrollable panic attacks even just sitting my room. 274 more words


Ellen Stockdale Wolfe: Confessions of an Agoraphobic

I will do almost anything to stay at home. Granted I have a few chronic illnesses that keep me in but it is mental illness that is the real challenge. 552 more words


Today Is Good News!

But, tomorrow will be strange news, I will save that one. Today though I left my house again to see my friend, another trip out into the evil world to hide in a dark corner of a bar/ snooker club, but to get to it I have to go on an adventure through the high street of my town centre and it’s summer holidays… I am Frodo, the bar is Mordor and the trip is perilous. 447 more words

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