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Why I'll never be a 'Blogger' blogger.

I’ve been a bit too serious here lately and I don’t like it. This post is basically a conduit for GIFs. As is the entire Internet, I guess… 590 more words


That Time I Went To A Strip Joint With A Married, Devout Christian

By Shelton Bumgarner

Some things just eat in my craw until they explode and I have to write about them. The time I went to a strip joint with a married, devout Christian is one of them. 631 more words


We all have some explaining to do

I think at times the atheistic and agnostic stances falsely believe they have risen above having to give an accounting for the reality around us. I am not so certain any of us are off the hook from the difficult questions of life. 254 more words


This Might Piss You Off...

Please read the title again. Because I’m going to go where the polite masses have been taught for generations that it’s not okay to go. 2,020 more words

Personal Narrative

Things that happen to me

So this evening I took my dogs out for their evening walk and we passed a woman whom we talk to upon occasion. Well, I do, the dogs generally don’t have much to say… ^_^ This evening, I thought I’d pass her by because she was talking to a young man, and I thought she might be getting her flirt on, but she started a conversation with me so I stopped to chat for a bit.   460 more words

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