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My Baby, My Child, My Shadow

Recently i was doing my weekly groceries, and i was first amused but then concerned by the new packaging on a popular supermarket dog food. They now advertise in large print sentiments like “My Baby” and “My Shadow”. 377 more words


The Sleepwalkers: How Europe went to War in 1914 by Christopher Clark

While Thunder Bay Public Library commemorates the 100th anniversary of World War 1 through a series of displays and events between 2014 and 2018, it is timely to remind ourselves how the war began in the first place. 254 more words


Liberals hate honour culture


Because it involves backing up your words with actions.

As if South America is a model for anything when history is the biggest honour culture sample of all. 392 more words


three white sodas

Sometimes blogging feels like tightrope-walking.  What to say, how to say it, what details to include.  There’s so much history here now.  Do I just tell a story, or maybe fill an entry with pictures?  973 more words

I'm holding on to Your promises

Dave: That smile on your face…let me guess…you took a break today?

Me: A break…from what?

Dave: From carrying a burden much too heavy for your delicate shoulders. 1,144 more words

Love Should Be So Much More...

Where has all my anger gone?

I screwed up at work today. Something tiny. Something minute. A simple mistake, that did not cause any issues but a few seconds of laughter in the room. 665 more words


Today I learned my dog is totally 100% OK with using me as a human shield.

I always new my dog was not overly brave. She has been known to run away from chihuahuas. She runs for it if I seems like I am about slip and fall on ice. 409 more words

Strength Training