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40109-1: MINI Cooper Mini Model

I got this little guy at the Lego store as this month’s free gift. It was a fun build and I can’t wait to get the bigger version!


Ten Thought Tuesday: August 19th

  1. Wow, already at 38 weeks, I can’t believe I’ll be meeting Peanut in a few weeks time!
  2. Yesterday, I had a checkup with my obgyn.  Baby is firmly head down (and despite being almost ready to come out, Peanut is as active as ever). 
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Welcome to The Brick Buddy

My Lego Story

I’ve always been a Lego fan, like most kids were. I got my first sets when I was around 5 or 6 and played with them for a number of years. 289 more words


Brickmania is going to be at Brîckfete, Toronto on July 19-20th

Brickmania will make our fourth appearance at Toronto’s Brîckfete next weekend (public days are July 19th and 20th… starts earlier for exhibitors). Brîckfete is Canada’s first and largest LEGO® fan event and this year promises to be the biggest one ever! 131 more words


Attn: LEGO Onebrick Proves A Good Aviation Alliance Is Its Own Reward

The LEGO Pilot is no longer alone in the LEGO skies.  Neither is LEGO ATC, or Miss LEGO Pilot, or any of the other remarkable real-life aviation professionals who share their adventures and insights with the rest of us on Social Media. 679 more words