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Waiting Period Uncertainty Remains for Some California Employers

Recently enacted California Senate Bill 1034 prohibits California insurers and HMOs from imposing any waiting or affiliation period on group health coverage, other than that imposed by the employer sponsoring the group health plan.  300 more words

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The McAllister Minute: Affordable? Care? Act? (March 20, 2014)

Catch Lenny’s latest edition of “The McAllister Minute”, found on the American Urban Radio Network by clicking here:

http://www.aurn.com/webex.php?itemID=4712&categoryID= 24 more words

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Ducey Side Steps Tea Party & Bails on Rally with Palin & d'Souza

Republican Doug Ducey won his party’s nomination for governor last week with dark money from out of state, $3 million of his own cash, and a… 507 more words


"Quite The Candidate": Ben Carson Stands By U.S., Nazi Comparisons

Remember neurosurgeon-turned-conservative-activist Ben Carson? He’s apparently still around, still making needlessly provocative remarks, and still moving forward with his presidential plans.

In fact, Ben Terris reported… 452 more words


"The Power Of The Franchise": Voting Still Matters When It Comes To Political Clout

More than a half-century after brave protesters marched and bled and died to demand the right to vote for black citizens, the ballot box remains a potent weapon for civic and political change — a radical undertaking that can shake up social systems and correct inequities and injustices. 645 more words


Even more complicated than I thought: Obacare subsidy depends on current year income

If this article is correct, the amount of subsidy received by millions of low income Americans for their medical services “insurance” under the “Affordable Care Act/Obamacare”  is conditional, with 2014 subsidy estimated from 2013 income but based on 2014 income. 153 more words

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