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Guest Post - Biblical Principles in Modern Legislation - Book by Reigh Simuzoshya, Ph.D.

Have you ever been involved in a dispute that could only be solved by legal action? By going to the law you exhibited confidence in the legal system as a grievance redress mechanism. 352 more words

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Michael LeRoy: Maritime Personal Injury Claims

Michael LeRoy understands the particular needs of a client involved in a maritime personal injury claim, and he works tirelessly to build, maintain and implement the best defense for anyone involved in a maritime-related personal injury case. 213 more words

Michael LeRoy

Life in the Spirit

Recently I attended a meeting where someone posed the question “What is discipleship?” which set me thinking. But before we can even begin to answer that question we first need to ask “What is a Disciple?” 333 more words


i am his voice

Advocate: one that pleads the cause of another; one that defends or maintains a cause or proposal; one that supports or promotes the interest of another…

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Our Journey

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

By now I am sure that many have seen the recent “ice bucket challenges” seen all over social media to bring about awareness of ALS, which I think is such a worthy cause; however, at the same time I sure wish that there would be something that could generate the same attention and funding for people with other cancers and diseases that have no cures. 633 more words

Thyroid Cancer

Hospital Diaries Continued

Same disclaimer: may include some gross details, but again you’re reading my blog about going through breast cancer… Also I had a mixed experience of being in the hospital and dealing with the chaos of all the personnel that you interact with and change over. 3,599 more words

Breast Cancer