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Our holiday wasn’t only about eating cake and watching the clouds. We did squeeze in a couple of excursions, to Acton Scott historic working farm, to Blists Hill Victorian Town, and to Fordall Farm, all of which I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. 449 more words


Friday Night Lights

Since it’s my senior and final year as an undergrad at the University of Arizona, I decided I should invest the money into purchasing a ZonaZoo pass because a. 208 more words


An Eventful (Amazing) Weekend

Such a wonderful three day weekend away from the “real world”. 
I got to spend time up North in the beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. I also got to spend time with new friends this weekend, and took them on an adventure up Camelback mountain.  71 more words

Ape Cave

The Ape Cave is a Pacific Northwest Classic and I really can’t believe it took until now for me to venture up there. Luckily, my friends are adventurous, cool, people and despite the fact that we all got minimum to none sleep the night before, we made the trek through a very treacherous underground tunnel.  523 more words


One Month! {Life in Texas}

One Month ago today, we left TN embarking on yet another new, fun, excited, and scaryadventure.
This adventure would be different though.. We had already been in Texas once so the area was vaguely familiar, we already had some friends, some familiarity. 214 more words


Hiking Un-leeched

The Forest walk trail of the Illawarra Escarpment, is a corridor of dense vegetation that’s part-rainforest, part-eucalyptus forest with ocean vistas in between. The trail, which follows the coastline south towards the town of Coalcliff, had most certainly been drenched by the continuous rainfall in the weeks before which meant, more so, that by the time I set foot there, the forested parts of the trail were muddy and slippery, but still walkable nevertheless. 381 more words


The supporting act

I bought tickets to the November tour of the Smith Street Band last week, though it’s probably worth noting that I had not heard of them at the point of purchase, much less listened to their music.  361 more words