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Moving to Queenstown, NZ

Firstly, I never thought I would say I’m moving back to NZ (let alone be blogging about it) this young. I thought I would be old and grey, ready to retire somewhere beautiful to spend the rest of my days. 264 more words

(Non-Zelda) Toybox

So I have citizenship in a couple of other fandoms besides Hyrule. There’ll be some occasional non-Zelda posts, like this one.

Ooccoo Jr has accumulated a lot of toys over these short ten months. 285 more words


Plant nerds? TV nerds?

“What should we do tomorrow?” I asked my lovely daughter.

“Stay home and watch Adventure Time,” came the reply.

“How about the zoo?”

“No, I’m not in the mood for animals.” 344 more words


Adventure Time Kitty: Wednesday in Montréal

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Something happened to me. Some strange, metamorphosis occurred changing me from a goal oriented, type A personality, to a slug. Not just an ordinary slug, a lie-a-bed slug. 727 more words

The Scoop

Day 2; Blenheim Palace

For our Sunday adventure, we decided to take an almost two hour drive to explore Blenheim Palace and check out the automobile festival they were hosting. 630 more words

Good Ol' Days

Hello World!

Hello guys!


So I’m just trying to do a little post here just to kind of get the ball rolling!  This page is basically going to be where I post a lot of thoughts and my random adventures through life!   14 more words