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Deep Shelter (DC Belsey #2)

The Short Version: DC Nick Belsey was trying to have a quiet end-of-shift drink when he ends up in a high-speed chase through a busy part of London.   864 more words


The Bone Clocks

The Short Version: In 1984, teenager Holly Sykes has a massive fight with her mother and decides to run away.  But in the course of her exodus, her younger brother disappears – and she finds herself on the edges of a strange war that has gone on for centuries, between two sets of nearly immortal psychics.   1,054 more words


See You in Paradise

The Short Version: A collection of short stories that all seem to focus on, in one way or another, the weirdness of modern American life.  The simple oddity of suburbia – the terror, the pathos, the warmth, the… well, the Americanness of it all.   920 more words


100 Essays I Don't Have Time to Write

The Short Version: Sarah Ruhl, author of impossibly beautiful plays, brings us a collection of short essays on the theatrical experience, on motherhood, on writing, and on creativity in general. 608 more words


Kill My Mother

The Short Version: In the spirit of classic noir, Jules Feiffer delivers a story about dames, detectives, drinking, and death.  Following several strong-minded women whose lives begin to intersect in 1933, Kill My Mother is a rainy mystery like they don’t make anymore. 573 more words


The Brothers Cabal (Johannes Cabal #4)

The Short Version: When last we left Johannes Cabal, necromancer, things looked grim.  Death, it seemed, might’ve finally come for him – but at the last moment, a surprising figure appeared… his brother!   843 more words


The Magician's Land

The Short Version: Having been kicked out of Fillory, Quentin Coldwater finds himself at somewhat loose ends.  After a series of bad turns pairs him up with Plum, a younger magician, he begins to find a new meaning for his post-Fillorian life – but Fillory has it’s own problems:  Eliot, Janet, Josh, and Poppy have discovered that apocalypse is coming.   1,064 more words