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Why Teenagers Love Post-Apocalyptic Film

So last night, I went to see Phillip Noyce’s The Giver (2014). What I wanted to come out of the movie knowing: why post-apocalyptic films are so popular with adolescents. 783 more words

Back to Pack

Joy: Learning to learn.

Prompt: You’ve just found out that you are required to relive six months of middle school. How do you react, what do you dread or anticipate?


The Visitors by Sally Beauman

Summary: A young girl who has just lost her mother and is recovering from typhoid fever finds herself in Luxor, Egypt at the same time as the great archeologist Howard Carter. 117 more words


The first day of 8th grade, Debbie and I make bets on who will lose her virginity. By choice, I mean, as opposed to the way we’ve had it. 1,140 more words


Pleasant memories of Iowa childhood

Pleasant Valley and the people who lived there helped create special childhood memories that this mother draws from as she raises her two children.

I stood high on the ledge, water dripping from my ponytail, my yellow life jacket snapped tight over my red swimsuit. 1,213 more words

Origins of the Be A Man Challenge

The “Be A Man Challenge”  all started one summer during our late adolescent years when my three best friends and I (we called ourselves MonBushNoKo… 553 more words


Penrod Still Is Good for Laughs

Before the Great War, before iPods and video games, boys invented their own fun.

Penrod Schofield, age 11, is nothing if not inventive.

Silent films give him outlines of stories. 212 more words