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Tuesday, Sep 2

Today I worked on the next Lynda.com lesson titled “Using the magic wand tool”.

In this lesson I learned that the magic want tool can be edited or changed by double-clicking on it. 250 more words

Adobe Illustrator

Subversion Game - Preproduction

Genre: Capturing

Subversion: For each piece you collect, you lose one piece from your inventory

Objective: Collect a certain number of each color to unlock the next level. 88 more words


The Famous Seating Plan

I can finally show my masterpiece now that the celebrations are over.

Outside Life


For now I’ll leave David’s information blank.  More details about David will be revealed later next week. Stay tuned.

Comic Art

"swiss army"

digital drawing

My little keychain swiss army knife is my favorite thing in the world! Drew it as an assignment in my Adobe Illustrator class. :P


Fashion Victims.

I couldn’t help myself.  A long, long time ago, Michael Kors said an outfit on Project Runway was “Slutty, slutty, slutty.”  I’ve been meaning to make a poster/flier including that little blip of a quote for a while.   12 more words

Everyday Life

Friday, Aug 29

Today I started off by watching the next Lynda.com lesson titled “locking and hiding artwork”.

In this lesson, I learned that by going to the object menu and then going to the lock and selection submenus, you are able to edit your project without editing a certain piece. 242 more words

Adobe Illustrator