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CVS Pharmacies in RI to offer otc Narcan to reverse OD's

Amazing news- even if it’s only one state. CVS Pharmacies has announced that all 80 of their stores in Rhode Island will begin offering Narcan, also known as Naloxone (and long known in many harm reduction circles as “the Lazarus drug”), over the counter and without a prescrition. 186 more words


Coffee = Healthy

Hey you… yes you!

Are you addicted to coffee?

Did you know you may actually be healthier than the guy sitting next to you who ISN’T dependant on any substance to live his day-to-day life? 135 more words


The Pain Comes and Goes

Hi Andre, how was your weekend?”

“The weekend was fine, but I had a depressing morning. I got this letter from ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program), saying that I have to go down there right away or my payments are going to be cut off. 559 more words


Guide me

I feel like running away, into my vice, into my addictions. Yes, I am an addict; I’ll admit it. It’s the codependent in me. I am not okay. 166 more words

A Life Examined

What happens to children, who grow up in a families with addiction?

My recent interview with Dawn over at Growing Up Chaotic inspired me to put into words, what it is like to be a child, growing up in a family that struggles with addiction. 905 more words


Is love and chocolate in the air?

Feb, 2014

Come the month of February you start feeling that love is in the air. Whether you actually celebrate Valentine’s day or not, you are certainly forced to think about it and see it all around you. 325 more words

Nutritional Deficiency



I have struggled with alcohol, my weight, how I fold my sheets, why I can’t remember to pick up milk or swing by the dry cleaners. 165 more words

Healthy Eating