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links loved / aug 30

I just love this shot above from the wedding I went to yesterday. The bride’s friends decorated the getaway car, and wrote all over it! This little detail is cute: “Love is much closer than it appears.” 151 more words


Health and Fitness are definitely the new black, which is awesome, but at times somewhat intimidating.

I definitely don’t look like a super model when exercising (as opposed to other activities when I do look like a super model, like dreaming). 87 more words

Active Living

Goat Lake Hike, Waterton

Goat Lake

Advanced Hike

Distance- 9.04 miles

Time- 3:45 (this included our rest at the top)

Elevation gain – 530 m (1,750 ft)

Sunday was a typical lazy Sunday, I slept in until 9 am and sipped coffee all morning while reading a book. 610 more words

Outdoor Adventure

#ActiveLivingChallenge Accepted & Completed! (Week 3 Recap)

Woo hoo! I made it! And just in time too. This morning I went out for my morning run, got sick, and had to head back home. 350 more words

Go! Just Do It! Get Your Butt Out The Door!

Ok, we’re all busy. We all have jobs, school, kids, pets or pastimes that lock us behind closed doors and in air-conditioned spaces. But you know what? 413 more words

Lightweight Rowing

#ActiveLivingChallenge Recap

It is already known that we grow when we step outside of our comfort zones, but I also think it is important to take a moment and look back on that personal growth.   799 more words