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Twenty years...

… from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. 19 more words


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Hello there, and welcome to a brand new week!  I hope your weekend was extremely restful.

So, Bag End has now been vacated and Ash and I have both returned to our parents’ houses.   604 more words


Motivational quote for September 1st 2014

I realized that it’s ok to take risks and make choices based on your heart as opposed to your pocketbook or anybody else’s opinion. Maria Kanakaredes


Gifted Shmifted--The Sequel

After thirty+ years hanging around with gifted kids and adults, first as a teacher, now as a counselor and consultant, I still stutter when I try to define g-g-giftedness.There’s so much confusion, complexity and controversy over what giftedness actually is. 504 more words

Are we praising our children too much?

This is an era of showcase parenting.

“My child writes poetry at eight.”

“Mine reads biographies at ten.”

“ Mine learnt how to play the piano at six.” … 847 more words


Into the "ber" months!

Hello September!  The common phrase we would hear nowadays would be “how time flies”.  If you come and think about it, it really does but it’s after the fact.   258 more words

All About Life


Cleaning Narnia is tackled once a year. It is the home of Aslan, a n-code racket I used for a number of years. Many magical beings have, and still, live in here. 135 more words

The Tennis Scheme... A Hell Of A Lot Of Hard Work!