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Labor Day Tribute : Scalar Absence

(World Trade Center Memorial, New York, NY. 2014. Image by Greg Gordon Canaras)

A Tribute to Urban Form as a Memorial of Labor, and to the Unions of Construction : 124 more words


nothing like a dose of reality in the a.m.

Sleep well? Good. The author has been awake since yesterday (CST) and early this morning at the task of rebuilding the family PC after a thorough cleaning, installing a HD, trying to bring it to life (as it is one of those pre-loaded pieces of crap for those without a clue) by removing default software to free memory and CPU usage for useless programs—stuff such as that. 197 more words

They said “Nothing lasts forever” but her absence from my life is Forever

Living It - Week Three

Get Organized – Tip #1

I was one of the most disorganized people I knew as a child and teenager.  Now, my only little act of rebellion is that I always have a pile of clothes somewhere in my room that needs cleaning, sorting or putting away and I never make my bed.   728 more words