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Customer Service, CRM, Customer Experience -- What's the Difference?

Customer service, strategic customer service, CRM, and customer experience: these terms are often used interchangeably. In fact, they imply very different concepts and roles within your company. 126 more words

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Power Marketing: How To Make A Hashtag Go Viral

Here are the social media strategies Provo, Utah used to make their news about Google Fiber go viral. You can use these strategies, too.

from Forbes – Business… 9 more words

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Interview with Reid Hoffman about Managing Talent In The Networked Age

Exclusive interview with Reid Hoffman, Chairman of LinkedIn, on the future of talent and leadership.

from Forbes – Business http://ift.tt/1lAKbhs
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Technology Shouldn't Embrace Failure, But Transcend It

Failing fast and cheap is not a strategy, but a result of lazy thinking. There is nothing noble about failure and no reason we need to embrace it. 13 more words

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U.S. High-Altitude Missile System For S. Korea Upsets China, Russia, N. Korea, Poses Problem for South

The specter of Chinese warplanes buzzing U.S. and Japanese planes adds urgency to U.S. pressure for high-altitude defense in Asia against a still more formidable threat: that of missiles fired by North Korea and maybe even China. 13 more words

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The Fantasy Football Explosion

Over the last several weeks, groups of intense football fans have been observed heading en masse for secretive nighttime meetings. They carry pizza boxes, liquid refreshments, and briefcases filled with stats and research. 57 more words

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Debating Politics On Facebook, Where Silence Implies Dissent

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, he designed it to be a nicer place than the real world. People you barely know are “friends”; people you have drinks with now and then, “close friends.” You get a notification if someone deems you a friend, but if they later think better of… 13 more words

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