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What a 4th Step Is and Ain't

Recently I’ve encountered a few people at odds with the 12 steps who see the 4th step as negative and punishing. To their minds, it’s an exercise in self-judgment that drags down people’s self esteem and flagging spirits. 1,831 more words


Abandonment is an Issue

I never knew that I had abandonment issues. If fact, I didn’t know what they were. I thought that abandonment meant and adult leaving a child during childhood development, as I did to my children. 366 more words


The Fog

The last few days I’ve felt as if I am in a fog. Like everything is surreal – I’m just sort of walking through my days not completely tuned in. 388 more words

An Ideal to Strive Towards

“All my defects become glaringly obvious through my actions. . . but that does not define me as a person. I may act badly on occasion. 130 more words


I Just Discovered ACOA ?

In an effort to better understand my disease, I thought by taking a look at the http://www.adultchildren.org/ website. Wow. So many of these issues and characteristics explain who I am or was I should say. 459 more words

Alcohol Recovery

Their Lies... Or My Laziness?

We live in a dishonest world.

Everywhere we turn we see distortions of the truth… some out of selfishness, some out of fear & stills others out of ignorance. 76 more words

You Never, Never Know....

Yesterday reminded me that I never, never know what to expect out of a day. To simply do the next right thing and wonderful things happen. 287 more words

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