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US Christians call for peaceful action in Iraq

We sometimes can be fooled into thinking that the American church is full of military hawks, especially when it comes to the Middle East.

It isn’t. 265 more words


Turkey summons US chargé d'affaires to protest spying claims

By IAN ALLEN | intelNews.org
The government of Turkey has summoned the interim head of the United States diplomatic mission in the country to lodge an official protest over reports that Washington has been spying on Turkish leaders for nearly 10 years. 351 more words

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A Point About the American Establishment to Ponder in These Evil Days


A person who had connections with Zbig shared this:

Brzeziński HATES Russia! Not because it was a communist country… that’s an important detail. He just HATES Russians.

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Serving From Past Six Decades, Wildes And Weinberg

The immigration law firm, Wildes and Weinberg is serving clients from past six decades. The dedicated and sincere efforts from the lawyers have resulted in the making of the renowned immigration law firm in the United States. 12 more words

Wildes And Weinberg


Ten tips for Nigerian students wishing to attend College and University in the US.

1) Check Application Deadlines.
The application deadlines vary greatly among the universities, but application deadlines for the fall semester can range from as early as November the previous year to late spring, mere months before the start of the school year. 623 more words


Stuart Stevens: How Obama’s Shallow Worldview Failed Us

The president puts too much faith in historical progress. The long arc of history won’t beat ISIS—but a determined effort will. Stuart Stevens 674 more words

Rapid Bus: A Low-Cost, High-Capacity Transit System for Major Urban Areas

Rapid Bus: A Low-Cost, High-Capacity Transit System for Major Urban Areas. Cato Institute. Randal O’Toole. July 30, 2014.

Prompted by federal funding, more than 30 American cities have built or are building new rail transit lines. 99 more words

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