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WinRT License API, Silverlight 8.1 apps and sideload detection #wpdev

Since early 2011, I have been using the method described here.
Recently I have been upgrading all my apps to target Windows Phone 8.1 API. 285 more words


DLL / Reference hell with #WP8 #SL81 and #WinRT component

Over the last month, I have gone back to “AlarmClock” app (my 3rd Windows Phone app from back in 2011). I have updated it to render time updates on live tile. 499 more words


WPF Binding with POCO's - Works !!!!

As a XAML developer we feel that if we wont use NotifyPropertyChanges or dont implement DependencyProperties the binding wont work properly .

But to amazement , it does work perfectly fine with… 677 more words


x:FieldModifier in XAML

Whenever you write a x:Name Attribute or a Name property in your XAML for any element, it internally creates an equivalent field for that control. 231 more words


Netflix: The Idiot's Lantern

Whilst streaming video has been available in the UK for some time in the guise of catch-up TV services and tentative steps into the market by LoveFilm, none of them really had that quote-unquote ‘cool’ factor to convince a population of 60 million that they should stop buying cut-price DVDs down their local CeX. 1,140 more words

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The Influence of SL 4 & RIA Services over YouTube Jukebox

After quite a while hearing from Katka’s husband suggesting her to, write one article, she eventually decided to give it a try. Katka Vaughan, Software Developer Outcoder, has many years of experience doing work in software development associated with researching the market and e-commerce. 569 more words

Development Using Silverlight

Silverlight Unit Testing setup

Silverlight Unit Test Framework installation

As any fule doth know (by now), Microsoft are investing next-to-zero effort (aka abandoned) in Silverlight development support. And part of that development is Silverlight unit testing. 687 more words