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Hi, how are you. I’m probably just talking to myself really, the chances of someone reading this are very low.

What do I want to say, what do I have to talk about? 452 more words


EDITORIAL: Pressing the climate hoax

Pressing the climate hoax: The Obama administration signs up for a war on carbon dioxide

As we’ve been saying here for several months..  Obama and his administration have been making “green” its #1 priority, above all else.  48 more words

Maryam Rajavi: Resolving Iraq crisis is impossible without uprooting the Iranian

Growth of extremist terrorist groups in Iraq is the by-product of Iranian regime’s dominion and suppression by Maliki and offering a role to this regime in reining in the crisis will stir up a still greater catastrophe… 950 more words


“In the world of Black and White all we enjoy is shades of grey. Black and White does not exist in their purest forms!!.”

- Bhuvi M, …

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James Foley: Tentang Jurnalis yang Mati di Suriah

Selasa (19/8) 3 minggu lalu seorang jurnalis Amerika Serikat, James Foley, dikabarkan mati terpenggal oleh kelompok radikal di Suriah. Foley dieksekusi setelah selama 2 tahun ia ditawan di sana. 118 more words


11:40 AM.

20 mins before lunch time, and my tummy has been playing a concert since an hour ago.


I call my starvation as a “concert” going on. 172 more words


Celebrity News Tells Us That Fame And Fortune Can't Buy You Happiness Or Good Health

One need only look as far as Celebrity news to find unhappy, unhealthy, depressed, addicted and even suicidal human beings.  It’s not a “poor man’s plight”.   758 more words