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If you don’t know what CAPTCHA is , It is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.  It’s a type of computer security technique( challenge-response test) used to determine whether or not the user is human.

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Malicious Advertisements Found on Java.com, Other High-Profile Sites

A New York-based online ad network company AppNexus, that provides a platform specializing in real-time online advertising, has again been spotted as the origin of a recent “malvertising” campaign that makes use of the Angler Exploit Kit to redirect visitors to malicious websites hosting the Asprox malware. 22 more words

Blogger Hacking

#iPGN: FBI probes mass hacking of US banks

The FBI and the US secret service are investigating hacking attacks on JP Morgan and several other financial institutions which siphoned off huge amounts of data and account details… 188 more words


Tout est question d’usages #6

1. Seven simple photo hacks:

2. Coffee Maker Cooking.

3. The Phone Stacking Game also called Don’t Be a Dick During Meals.

At the beginning of the meal, everyone puts their phone face down at the center of the table.

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Hack w/ Mac

Been interested in “hacking” for some time now. I just switched over from PC to Mac so I am still getting the hang of OSX and what not. 33 more words




Original image by opensource.com, published under CC BY NC

 We formed our investigative group on the first day of tutorial, however it took us more than two weeks to actually settle on one particular subject matter. 123 more words