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Bryan sat on the low hill watching but not really seeing the flock floating on the green sea of grass. He couldn’t see the shepherd, which meant the shepherd couldn’t see him. 719 more words


And the Sky Opened

We heard long before we saw. The sound filled us with hope and fear because we knew it was our death or our salvation that was being pushed out in front of the vapor trails. 153 more words


Somali Pirates - Day 4

Task: Actually I didn’t complete this one by the book. The book gives a silhouette of a ship to fill with writing starting with the words “The ship’s sail.” 829 more words

Creative Writing

Hamster Wheel - Day One

The task:

Choose a word from each of the following groups:

One: Alabama, Banister, Carousel, Diesel, Exorcist

Two: Flatulence, Garage, Harried, Insensitive, Jambalaya

Three: Keepsake, Lamb, Massage, Nonsense, Oriole… 786 more words

20 Minutes A Day

A New Life - Fresh Start

(A New Life 0 – see below)

AAAABBBBCCCC – Test, test. 1234567890 OK.  Hello?

Sorry. I’m just starting my journal and everything is so new. 772 more words


Write 750 Words Every Day

Recently I have been trying to build a habit of writing every day. This was in the hopes to build good writing habits and improve my writing abilities. 652 more words


Just Something Quick

The motto at the bottom of the 750 Words page says: “Private, unfiltered, spontaneous, daily.” Does coming up with a list of topics to write about violate the spirit of the site? 267 more words