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Religion is not bad

Before reading this, you should acknowledge that:

1. I am not religious person, I do not believe in any existing religion.

2. By writting this I am mainly thinking about Islam and Christianity. 616 more words



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#iPGN: The New Nigerian ID Card Is Linked To The Mark Of The Beast 666

Nigeria is commencing the transfer of its people’s entire life information, identity, banking, health, driving and all other records to the foreign Mastercard company in the new “Identity scheme.” The Jonathan administration is currently moving ahead to launch this controversial delivery of the citizen’s private data to a foreign global finance company. 311 more words

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Western Mysticism ~ Bill Donahue ~ SOLOMON AND 666

666 is the symbol of the carnal mind. The seat of all of the troubles of the human condition.

The Bible is mythology. The stories are not historical. 339 more words

Western Mysticism