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33 – pacific strings
dirty dreams – work drugs
paper the house – fucked up
short cut days – cheap girls
lost enemies – eisley… 56 more words

1hr Christian music 24 Aug 2014

Listen again to Songs of Hope. Broadcast on 24 August 2014 on Southern FM 88.3. One hour of Christian praise and worship music. Includes the story of John Flynn at 3/4 hour mark. 63 more words


Winnipeg Jets: Did Evander Kane say his teammates lack 'passion' and is he boycotting local radio?

Ever wonder how a spark turns into a bonfire, turns into a brush fire, turns into a grass fire, turns into a prairie fire, turns into an inferno in the forest? 737 more words

National Hockey League

Puzzle #1

2 ropes..

You have two ropes. Each takes exactly 60 minutes to burn. They are made of different material so even though they take the same amount of time to burn, they burn at separate rates. 18 more words


1 hour Christian music 17/8/2014

Listen again to one hour of Christian praise and worship music from Songs of Hope on Sunday 17 August 2014. Includes a Rachmaninoff vesper spotlight and the story of David Bussau. 62 more words


876icon Bob Marley

Welcome to 876icons . We thought it fitting to launch the page with the larger than life #876iconBobMarley. This 60 minutes CBS interview was conducted with its biases and stereotypes in the 80s about Reggae and the Rastafarian culture. 27 more words

Each day in 60 Minutes Move Your Business

The best way to move your business forward, and help it accomplish an objective with 60 minutes is to define daily, weekly and monthly an objective goal. 108 more words

Public Relations