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365 Challenge Day 104 - Not knowing

Today I really did not feel my best.  My energy was okay, I did a lot of cleaning, but my stomach was off and I felt nauseous.  377 more words

365 Challenge

Strawberry milkshake - 29th August 2014

So it turns out my latest drink of choice on  a night out is the strawberry milkshake. At least I got one of my 5 a day, sort of. 60 more words

365 Challenge

DAY 242 of 365: SkyDragon

The Leaders performance on GD’s One of a Kind world tour. #cto

I am a devout DaraGon shipper but I cannot deny my love for SkyDragon. 118 more words

365 Challenge

365 Challenge Day 103 - Trust

I babysat last night, and my little four-year-old munchkin got me up at 6am.  I was dragging all day!  I felt exhausted, and would have probably taken any excuse not to got to yoga class today, but I really didn’t have any.  283 more words

365 Challenge

DAY 241 of 365: Popped

Started reading Chinggay Labrador’s Popped. I can really relate to the story since I am a fan girl. I can just imagine the Korean dramas marathon, online merch, Kpop music, and everything about Korea. 184 more words

365 Challenge

My cat the genius - 28th August 2014

When I got Tinker just under a year ago I didn’t think she would turn out to be a feline genius.  At the time of adoption she could barely master stairs, now, each day,  she does something to amaze us. 74 more words

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