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Day 31 - Fin

Ah so it has come to an end, and on the 31st day I am supposed to post a picture and say what I learned. I have been putting this off a little bit, just because I am still settling in (more to come on that) and also because I am kind of sad that this is coming to an end. 209 more words

Day 2: Orange Nails (31dc2014)

Today is orange nails day.  In regular life, I rarely paint my nails orange because I think it just looks bad with my light skin.  I was suckered into buying Orly – Tropical Pop a few weeks ago, though, because it’s just such a pretty, fun shade of orange. 190 more words

Nail Art

Day 7: Have you ever dissociated? If so, how often?

I had never had dissociation or even heard of it up until i was raped. I used to get it only during sex for around 1 and a bit years, then it slowly creeped into my day to day life. 66 more words


Day 6: How’s your love life?

I’m in love. Crazily. Last July he ended up being my boyfriend.
I would of never expected for things to turn so ugly on my behalf though. 90 more words


Day 5: Have you ever written a suicide note?

A few times, but it has always been in my diary so I know that only the people who knew and loved me could know about any possibility of me leaving one. 10 more words


Day 4: Have you ever attempted suicide?

Yess, and no.
I spent one particular night very distressed and wanting to.


Day 30 - Top Childhood Memories

Let’s make a list again. Let’s say that they are absolutely in no particular order.

1. Meeting my childhood best friend at the park, I don’t know why but I honestly remember this day so clearly. 103 more words